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The Desert Discount Cleaners team is very aware of the challenges we are all facing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Here is some information which we believe you will find helpful during this time.

First and most importantly, we are mindfully increasing the frequency we clean all hard surfaces and other touch points throughout our company. Our team members are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and use gloves, masks and other safety measures if they have any concerns with any specific item.

We have asked employees to continue to offer friendly and welcoming greetings to customers without coming in close physical contact with anyone.

We have always emphasized the health and safety of our employees and our customers.   But at this time, Desert Discount Cleaners is taking extra precautions to go above and beyond to protect both our team members and our customers.

Why is Dry Cleaning a good idea at this time?  Should I have my wardrobe pressed to kill COVID-19?

Our service is recommended by the CDC to properly clean and disinfect your garments and household items such as sheets and comforters. It is the proven and safe choice!

Desert Discount Cleaners has been in business for 26 years.  Our experienced management team is highly trained and knowledgeable about the cleaning process.

From various news reports, we know the COVID-19 virus can survive in the air for 3 or more hours. It has been reported that the virus can survive for three days on hard surfaces. At this point, we do not know with certainty how long it lives on clothing. However, the seasonal flu only survives for approximately 20 minutes on clothing.  Harvard Health has stated that there is no evidence the COVID-19 can be transmitted from clothing to humans.

In our Dry Cleaning facilities, there are two different cleaning processes:  Dry Cleaning & Laundry.  In both processes, HEAT is the key component!   And, pressing your garments using heat is a key feature of all of our services.  The CDC has stated that the seasonal flu is killed at temperatures over 167 degrees.  Because there is no definitive information about temperatures and coronavirus, we are using this as a guideline kill COVID-19.

Our Dry Cleaning process involves cleaning garments in a solution other than water. Desert Discount Cleaners uses a petroleum based solvent that does kill most germs. However, much like your laundry at home, we still dry your clothing.  It is HEAT THAT SHOULD KILL THE VIRUS.

Our solvent reclaiming dryers operate at high heat. The drying cycle maintains those temperatures for over 25 minutes. While there are no current studies proving that this particular virus will be killed under these conditions, this is the proven industry standard for other flu strains. Moreover, it is the CDC’s recommended cleaning process.

Additionally and importantly, most clothes go through an additional steaming process which heats items to 250-275 degrees.

It is a great time to think about laundering your sheets, shirts and other items!  The combination of hot water and detergent used during the laundry process is proven to effectually remove viruses, similar to washing your hands.  Additionally, items cleaned using this process will be pressed at temperatures over 300 degrees. So, the virus should be completely neutralized after pressing.

We hope you and your families are remaining healthy and safe during this time. We will continue to actively monitor COVID-19 and are taking all recommended precautionary measures. We have always had high standards for cleanliness in all of our stores.  However, due to the new CDC guidelines, we have updated and enhanced our in-house cleaning policies
 by cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and equipment multiple times a day

Additionally, all of our locations will follow a strict policy of encouraging employees to follow any and all CDC guidelines – including staying home when sick.

At Desert Discount Cleaners, we care deeply about all of our employees and customers and we look forward to continuing to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  We will continue to be here to serve you throughout these unprecedented times.

We appreciate your business! 

The Desert Discount Cleaners Team

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